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Museo del Jamon

Asturias, Asturias, Spain
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Museo del Jamon is a Ham Museum. Funny, strange, tempting name that surely make people curious to stop by, take a look and most likely sit down and eat. There prices were very reasonable and their portions were pretty large, we didn't expect them to be that big and two people could have shared a plate. You can also buy food at the counter to take out. They have delicious sandwiches and so much variety of cold cuts to choose from. Many people do not like this place and we have heard from friends that it is a tourist trap. Also, lots of complains about the service being rude. We haven't experienced that, we did notice a different style of service that is typical to the culture and may be interpreted as rude in the eyes of a tourist. I recommend this place because it is something different and unusual. I wouldn't go eat there more than one time, but for the experience of trying something new, it was well worth it.
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