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Mount Tampa

Brașov, BV, Romania
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When visiting Brasov Romania you can't miss the giant Brasov sign on top of Mount Tampa. This sign resembles the Hollywood California's sign ! You can either climb the mountain up and down and walk through the beautiful forest or you can take the cable car. There are warning signs letting you know of bears around and there were a few recent attacks. It made us hesitate a little and we chose the cable car to go up the mountain and got off as a group to explore the stunning view (by the letter "V" in Brasov). It was inexpensive (3 Euro), but apparently the cable car is not always working. We simply got lucky that it wasn't under maintenance the day of our visit. That was another concern as when we were told that the cable cart is too often not working we did not know if it was a reliable form of transportation or not. The visit was well worth it, but I wouldn't try the bears risk and the cable car operation risk again. I have seen it, done it and one time was enough.
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