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Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

Mount Desert, ME, United States
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We followed reviews to this wonderful ice cream destination on Mount Desert Island in the city of Bar Harbor. We realized immediately that the hype around this place was real when the line was backed up out the door and down the sidewalk. Our first night eating here, yes we had to come back for seconds on another night, was the busier night but we still made it in and had our ice cream within 15 minutes of getting in line. The second night the line wasn't nearly as bad and we were in and out within about 5 minutes. The prices were great for such a tourist destination and we took advantage of it to try several different flavors of their ice creams and sorbets. Over the course of our two trips we managed to try their blueberry basil and mango habanero sorbets and their sweet cream, cinnamon, coffee, and chocolate ice creams. I really enjoyed the uniqueness of their sorbets but their blueberry basil was my preference over the mango habanero although the spice of the habanero was an interesting twist in a sorbet. For the ice creams we tried I really enjoyed the sweet cream and cinnamon. The chocolate was good but nothing too special from anything you could buy in a grocery store. I would definitely come back on another trip to the area to try more flavors of their ice creams and sorbets.
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Mount Desert Island Ice Cream
Apparently there's a second location, I didn't realize this until just now as I was placing these travel details and I saw an additional one pop up in Bar Harbor
Mount Desert Island Ice Cream
Be ready for a little wait, but it's definitely worth it!

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