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Mosaic Showing a Battle Between Humans and Centaurs

Murino, Leningrad Oblast, Russia
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The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia is a tile layers dream. There are many more tile mosaic floors than the wooden parquet mosaic floor I did an earlier story about. With the crowds that were swarming the Hermitage while we were there it was pretty difficult to get many good pictures of the many different designs. I lucked out with this mosaic mainly because it was closed off and the tour group ahead of ours walked away. I rushed over and snapped a few shots before everyone gathered around. I honestly don’t know the story behind this mosaic but it seems to include a story partially about a battle between human warriors and centaurs (half man half horse). Very unique and very impressive.
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State Hermitage Museum
State Hermitage Museum
The Hermitage has a wide variety of mosaic floors to enjoy

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