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Morocco for the Adventurous Traveler!

Marrakesh, Marrakesh-Tensift-El Haouz, Morocco
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My best friend from France and I had never been to the African Continent and had heard very good things about Marrakesh (including that its one of the few safer areas in that region). It is basically a very small city with a large marketplace. We stayed in a Riad in the city (basically a bed and breakfast), this is probably how most people would stay in the city without staying at a chain hotel on the outskirts. The owners were extremely hospitable and it was really nice to have a home cooked breakfast to start each day. For most of the site seeing, you will need to make sure you have head coverings if you are a female, even then, there are a few locations that you are not able to enter. Overall though, the marketplace provides for hours of entertainment and unique hand crafted items to see. The main square is largely open during the day and then in the evening hundreds of vendors set up "restaurants" and food carts to explore. I would definitely say that you want to enjoy the surrounding Gardens and experience some fresh olives from one of the marketplace vendors. Above all else, try some fresh Moroccan Yogurt, its delicious!
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Museum de Marrakech
This is probably where I was able to learn the most about Marrakech as well as it being located in the most beautiful building. It is located in the old city center and manages to combine exhibits and information on the older Moroccan culture as well as present day. When we were there, another group was there with a guide that gladly let us join and was so informative on everything adding extra stories and tidbits about local history.
Palais de la Bahia
There are quite a few amazing palaces to visit while in Marrakesh (and probably a main reason to even go despite the amazing marketplace) but I must say, that this palace was my favorite. There was so much to see and it was such a different way of living than most of the European palaces that most people have visited.
Jardin Majorelle
This is a MUST stop in Marrakesh. We took a taxi from the main square and it was worth every minute. The gardens are absolutely outstanding and you will learn so much about the different plants as well as Yves San Laurent who bought and restored this gorgeous property. You will completely forget you are in a desert region when you visit these gardens


Terrasse des épices
If you want to try some top quality Moroccan food as well as enjoy the amazing views Marrakesh offers, this is the place you want to go for dinner. Considering its a 5 star restaurant there, it wont break the bank. We had an appetizer, 2 entrees and bottled soda and it was probably around 40 euros total. Service was great and the food even better. The Tajine chicken and the cous cous were outstanding. This restaurant also owns the Cafe I detailed, and you can tell the quality in both places.
Café Des Épices
Café Des Épices
Someone recommended this cafe to us for the best Moroccan spiced coffee. It definitely lived up to the hype, the homemade Moroccan yogurt was incredibly fresh and delicious as well. A must stop if you are in the city.

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