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More Viewpoints: Valley View!

Yosemite Valley, CA, United States
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Yosemite National Park is breathtaking! There are plenty of viewpoints around the the park and one of the popular ones is Valley View! It is located in the Northside Drive of the park also close to the Pohono bridge. My cousins and I stopped here and got awesome photos of the view and the surrounding area of the park. I really wanted to check this out during sunset/ sunrise, but it was quiet busy when we went and also we had a long hike ahead the next day. Regardless this is a view point that is popular to many visitors. You can also see the Bridalveil falls from this viewpoint I believe.
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Chevron El Portal
Convenient and close to the part from the lodge we stayed in.


Yosemite Cedar Lodge
Great stay here with my cousins for the weekend. Close to the entrance of the park.

Points of interest

El Portal
Small city. Check out parkside pizza for dinner! Good selection of pizza.
Small down we stopped in on the drive to the national park.
Half Dome
You'll love the view of the Half Dome at the top of Clouds rest!
Yosemite Falls
Make sure to check this out! How can you not it's named after the park, lol.
Bridalveil Fall
Very busy are and popular trail. But you can see the falls from the Tunnel View.
The Cascades
small and hidden trail around here. Still worth to stop by though.
Tenaya Lake
Love this and it was our first stop before starting our long hike in the morning!
Tunnel View
Get your cameras ready for this viewpoint that is easy to get to. The views are breathtaking!
Yosemite National Park
Amazing weekend getaway with my cousins to Yosemite National park! Definitely recommend visiting this place.
Valley View Yosemite
This viewpoint is popular and very close to the Pohono bridge which also has a very scenic backdrop.

Special activities

Clouds Rest
This trail is 14.5 miles long but the views once you reach the top is worth it!

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