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Moose Crossing

Healy, AK, United States
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After a surprisingly disappointing bus trip into Denali (we had a terrible driver who sped through the park, barely stopping for wildlife and when he did, he had to slam on the breaks and slid so far forward that we were way past where we needed to be to see the animals. He also literally ran a caribou off the road because he didn’t want to wait for it to move on it’s own.)But enough about that. Upon leaving the park, on our way back down to Talkeetna, where we were staying, we came across a mother moose and her two twin calves in a pond shortly off the road. We pulled off to watch them and take pictures, among some other vehicles. They slowly got closer and closer to the road (and us - but we got back into our vehicle when they started getting close and watched through the windows.) At one point they were within 10 feet of our van. It was one of the best wildlife experiences I’ve had!
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If you stay in Talkeetna and choose to drive to Denali, when you get near Cantwell, be on the lookout for the abandoned igloo hotel. It’s worth stopping for a photo along the way! Not sure the mile marker but it’s on your right as you head north and left if going south
We like to stay in Talkeetna. It is a little over 2 hours from Denali, but lodging is more affordable and the drive to Denali is beautiful if you don’t mind a road trip. We usually grab an AirBnb and have had some awesome places to stay there.
Denali National Park and Preserve
I love visiting Denali. On this trip we unfortunately had a bad bus driver but my other experiences were great!


The Black Bear
Awesome little place to grab coffee or a bite to eat before heading into Denali. We went 2 days in a row because it’s so good!

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