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Moorea in the Rearview

Vai'are, Windward Islands, French Polynesia
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The day that you have to leave Moorea is a sad day. Leaving this paradise was not a voluntary decision, but rather was one which was dictated to me by the most unforgiving of dictators: economics. Yes, the combination of scarce paid vacation time and the need to make more money to survive put me on this boat which would ultimately lead me back to the real world. Make no mistake, if I were financially set I would find a way to stay here much longer, perhaps indefinitely if immigration laws were to permit. As Moorea grew smaller and smaller on the horizon, I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. But I made a strong declaration that I will be back!
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by jenljbear


That picture is AMAZING!

by frugalnomad


I second the above comment ^. Gorgeous photo!

by Stormtroopin2


Thanks, @jenljbear and @frugalnomad!