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Montreal Food Vacation

Montreal, QC, Canada
26 Kudos
I loved Montreal so much the first time I couldn't wait to return. Plus, I had a burning question to answer left over: How much food could I possibly shove in my mouth in 4 days?

Montreal is amazing food city. There's the Old Montreal places with their pomp and circumstance, competing for tourists by tempting your tastebuds, Chinatown dumplings and noodles, Mile End delicatessens and bagels, and farmer's markets with pretty much every fresh ingredient or homemade treat you could possibly want. It's also a really walkable city, so you can burn calories starting from Old Montreal, walking up through Saint Denis, or making a break for Chinatown.

There's no shortage of beautiful churches to look at, awesome art museums and little quirky museums of local history. These, it turns out, are acceptable activities to engage in while you are digesting your last meal and planning your next.
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Awesome fish and chips in a cute 1950s diner like setting.
Schwartz's Deli - Sandwiches - Steaks
Get yourself some smoked meat and you'll be in for a treat.
St-Viateur Bagel Shop
St-Viateur Bagel Shop
Look through the windows while sipping your coffee to see the masters at work.
The best meal I had in Montreal, absolutely hands down.
Fairmount Bagel
It doesn't get me a lot of points but I have to admit these are better than New York bagels.

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