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Monster Monstrance

Córdoba, AL, Spain
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Before we visited the Cathedral in Cordoba Spain (also known as La Mezquita or The Mosque due to it's Moorish features from it's time as a mosque), we didn't know anything about the art of monstrances. A monstrance is a decorative vessel used in the Roman Catholic church to exhibit an object, usually the Eucharistic host. (I'm not all that familiar with Catholicism if I misinterpret the definition). The monstrance inside the cathedral in Cordoba is the cathedral's signature piece. It stands over 8 feet tall and weighs over 400 pounds. Built in the 16th century by a goldsmith that specialized in creating only these pieces, he also built one for the cathedral in Toledo. His son and grandsons also continued the family business and are considered to be the greatest Spanish goldsmiths ever. Impressive piece of intricate and beautiful work without a doubt.
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