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Mission Beach

San Diego, CA, United States
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I’ve been to Mission Beach in San Diego a couple times and I just love this beach and area. The first time I traveled with friends and included it our road trip through southern California. We didn’t really do much except for lay out on the beach (boring) but I did enjoy watching the skaters and cyclists on the boardwalk and before we left, we stopped into ZoZo’s Pizza and had the biggest slice of pizza that I had ever seen. The second time I came here was with a friend who was a San Diego native. We decided to ride the wooden roller coaster in Belmont Park and I honestly wished I hadn’t. The ride was so rough and jerky, I was miserable the whole time. Afterward, we stopped to watch people on the surfing simulator, which was cool, before heading to one of the restaurants that had a roof top patio. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but I believe it is now a sushi type place and that they had made great improvements on the patio. I thought it was great when I was there as it was a gorgeous day and the views were amazing.
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ZoZo's Pizza Mission Beach
Huge slices of NY style pizza which are very tasty. Small restaurant so seating is limited.

Special activities

Belmont Park Road
Beach side amusement park with a wooden roller coaster and other rides and on the opposite side a strip mall with shopping an dining.

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