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Minnehaha Falls: Frozen Edition

Minneapolis, MN, United States
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Minnehaha Falls roars in the spring after the snow melt, and goes quiet as a mouse in the summer. However, my favorite time for this urban water fall is in the dead, ice cold of winter.

The sub-zero temps transform this un-noteworthy waterfall into a beautiful, frozen cavern.

Climbing down to the waterfall in the winter is...treacherous. You'll basically slide down a froze-over stair case, hoping to slow yourself before you hit a rock. Once at the bottom, it's a slick scramble to the opening of the falls. But once you're in, it's a breathtaking, blue glowing ice cave.

Good luck getting out!
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Minnehaha Falls
Great summertime park with a quick scenic hike. In winter, a treacherous but must-do adventure.

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