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Minneapolis & St. Paul - Winter Highlights

Minneapolis, MN, United States
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I moved to Minneapolis on a whim after graduation, with a general awareness of what the winters are like. I wasn't about to let the sub-zero temps slow me down. When the weather turns, we can all look forward to these winter events:

5) Cross-country skiing in the expansive urban park, Theo Wirth
You don't have to venture far to find groomed cross-country ski trails. Theo Wirth in Minneapolis offers miles of groomed-daily trails. Since hiking doesn't offer much in Minnesota, the state parks offer the most when snow hits.

4) Bar hopping in Uptown (coats meet mini skirts)
Skip the downtown bars, head to Uptown & join the mass of crowds shuffling across the ice to get to the next dive.

3) Red Bull Crashed Ice
Check out this amazing extreme support from cathedral hill in St. Paul. Watch ice cross downhill racers crash on insane courses. Bring a thermos! This event is served ice cold.

2) House shows with Prince
Prince occasionally announces house parties at Paisley Park. Admission is free, if you don't mind waiting in the cold and leaving your phone behind. The only thing better than a pajama party is a pajama party at Prince's house.

1) The Loppet
Streets in uptown are closed to traffic and turned into ski courses. This weekend long event boasts womens, mens, children's and, my favorite, skiijoring races. To top it off, the nearby chain of lakes becomes a ski & fat bike trail lit by ice candle sculptures.
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Culture and experiences

Cathedral of Saint Paul
Crashed Ice main stage - next year is set for Jan 24, 2015.


Paisley Park
Pajama party at Prince's house!

Special activities

Cedar Lake
The Loppet! Stop by the beer tent and watch your foam immediately freeze.
Theodore Wirth Park
Groomed ski trails, and room for fat bikes

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