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Mermaids on Parade

Norfolk, VA, United States
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One can't help but notice all the different mermaids as you walk along the water front in Norfolk. But, the mermaids have swum into some of the neighborhoods as well. The Mermaid Parade has been a symbol of Norfolk since 2002 and there are about 80 of them swimming around the city. I was only able to capture photos of a handful of them including the bronze Town Point Park Mermaid Statue which is on a fountain. They all seem to be pointing towards something, is it Starbucks? Hahahaha! No the Starbucks mermaid doesn't count. I understand that some of these beautiful creatures are even hiding inside some of the buildings. They even greet you at the airport.
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Town Point Park
Town Point Park
This is where the bronze mermaid fountain is located in front of the Half Moone Center

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