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Mega Ships

Spanish Wells, Spanish Wells, The Bahamas
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Cruise ships continue to get larger and larger. It is well known that Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships are the largest ships in the world. When each new Oasis Class ship is built it is built just a little larger that the previous so the new ship will hold the title, “World’s Largest Cruise Ship.” Today that title belongs to the Symphony of the Seas. Of the ten largest cruise ships in the World Royal Caribbean owns 7 of the ten and along with one from Celebrity Cruise lines, which is owned by RC. During our last cruise we were on the Symphony of the Seas and we saw three other “Mega Cruise Ships” during our voyage. We saw the Celebrity Equinox, Norwegian Bliss and the MSC Seaside. While the MSC Seaside did not make the top 10 list it has to be close because it is a very large ship. All four of the ships are in excess of 1,000 feet long and the runt of the four is the Equinox at 1,041 feet long and weighing in at 121, gross tons. In comparison the Symphony is 1,184 feet long and 228,080 gross tons. All four of the ships carry in excess of 6,000 people (including the crew). During our cruise on the Symphony we had 6,800 passengers and 2,237 crew members. It’s a changing cruise world. I’m still partial to the smaller than Huge ships.
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