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Meet me at the Kissing Gate

Caolasnacon, Scotland, United Kingdom
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The second big hike we chose for our Glencoe adventure was the "Pap of Glencoe". Basically all the research we did for which hikes to attempt were made from some pages I'd torn out of an old Rick Steves guide book, a couple of conversations with hikers we encountered, and some brief online research the night before. With some last minute conversations with our AirBnb hosts with local maps spread out over the table after breakfast, we set off to go to the "Pap" with the exact trailhead location being somewhat vague. Once we got to the general area, we started looking for signs, which were either conveniently well hidden or non-existent. So we drove and drove with no idea where to go. The only sign of civilization or fellow man was finally encountered at a hostel sitting down in a pretty little valley off the road. So we pulled into the driveway there looking for humans, and found a little office, where lovely wife went to inquire. She came back with instructions that we could stay parked there, and walk back up the road from whence we came for a bit, go left after the path crossed the road, go up a bit more, then look for the kissing gate that would be the unofficial trailhead starting point. We didn't know exactly what a kissing gate was, but assumed it would be marked, and probably some kind of old legend where young couples would meet for courtship in days gone by. So after walking so far we were about tired and hadn't even got to the trailhead, we finally found this gate. It took a moment, but we soon kind of figured out why it was called that. But it had nothing to do with young love, but is named that because the gate is not latched, but just "kisses" the posts allowing humans to pass, but livestock can't figure out how to get through. But of course we liked our version better, and as we moved the gate back and forth meeting in the middle, we stole a brief kiss before looking for the almost invisible path up to the barely visible heights of the Pap of Glencoe.
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