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McCoole's Red Lion Inn

Quakertown, PA, United States
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The Red Lion Inn is a Quakertown staple - it's been there since 1747, and was the first tavern and hotel in the town. It's across the street from Liberty Hall, where the liberty bell once spent the night en route to somewhere else. The "McCoole's" part of the name was added after an ownership change. This restaurant has a lot of historic charm. Some of the interior walls are original field stone and mortar, and there is a lot of dark wood paneling and exposed wooden beams. Next door is the old Main Street Theater, which has now been turned into an event space and shares a courtyard area with the facade of the restaurant.
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McCoole's Arts & Events Place
Owned by the same people who own the Red Lion Inn, this used to be a theater and is now an event space that also sometimes hosts art shows.

Points of interest

Quakertown Historical Society
This building is tucked behind Liberty Hall - want more info on the history of the Red Lion Inn? This is the place to go.
Liberty Hall
This tiny stone house is where the liberty bell once stayed en route to Allentown to be hidden during the war.


McCoole's Red Lion Inn
McCoole's Red Lion Inn
A nice historic restaurant in the heart of Quakertown - been here since the 1700s!

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