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Mayan Secrets in the Jungle, Part 3

Yaxunah, Yuc., Mexico
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Our group of 5 returned to the ruins at Yaxunah the day after we first walked around and learned a bit about the history of the marketplace and temple. The second day, a different local met us and told us more about the temple half of the site (he knew about the market, as well, but we already knew tidbits from the day before and there was simply so much to explore!).
The local guide explained the meaning of some of the stonework (many spirits!) and pointed out the queen's temple. The king's tomb, within the queen's temple, was sealed off from modern visitors - mostly, he said, because there is an underground passageway from the king's tomb to a spot a kilometer or so away!
While it was amazing to visit Chichen Itzá and other well-known sites, it was just as fascinating to experience the path less traveled at Yaxunah!
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