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May Day, May Day!

Pickließem, RP, Germany
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The Spring season in Germany means that there will be a lot of holidays. One of my favorites is May Day. The night before is known as witches night, where the teenagers basically get drunk (it's legal here at 16 as long as it is beer or wine) and then they pull pranks such as collecting items, ringing doorbells and toilet papering homes, throughout their respective towns. The men of the town also put up the town's maypole that night in preparation for May 1st or May Day. The pole is guarded by the men throughout the night so groups from neighboring towns do not steal it. When everyone wakes up on May Day, they can collect any items taken from them the night before and check out the towns May pole (often surrounded by a fire pit and/or tons of beer cans). This may pole is in a small town by Spangdahlem AFB, where my brother took us to check it out.
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Points of interest

The main road in the town where the May Pole is kept.
A small farming community where tradition is alive and well. The location of the pictured May pole.

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