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Marsaxlokk – the Colorful Fishing Village

Marsaxlokk, Malta
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Bus number 81 or 85 goes to our destination for the day – Marsaxlokk (I will not even try to pronounce the village names in Malta although they are in English LOL). With our 7 days bus ticket, we can explore the whole Malta if we like, very affordable and convenient.

We arrived Marsaxlokk and can immediately see its colorful fishing boats on the beautiful harbor! When I was deciding where to add to Portugal, it was a photo of the colorful boats on Marsaxlokk harbor that made me know of such a country  A local was fixing his own boat, the front of each boat has eyes on it as a lucky symbol for smooth sailing. We walked out to the little pier and looked back with the colorful boats and the church and houses as background, so beautiful!

Along the edge of the harbor, there are many restaurants with outdoor tables and advertisement…..we tried to avoid those kind of restaurants; mostly are tourist trap…maybe cheap but won’t be good quality! We walked around the whole circumference of the harbor and made a lot of stops for photos of different angles. Marsaxlokk is a very picturesque cute little village, worth a day trip from Valletta! If you happen to be in Malta on a Sunday, do not miss Marsaxlokk’s Sunday fish market!
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Marsaxlokk Parish Church
Marsaxlokk Parish Church
Nice little church right in the square. The interior decors are very beautiful though.


Club Sushi
Club Sushi
For dinner, we went to Club Sushi at Saint Julian's; only a bus away from Valletta. We got to the restaurant around 6:30 and only two tables were occupied so it wasn’t an issue without a reservation. We ordered the salmon cubes as appetizers, it was quite good, I like the sweet and spicy sauce! Jason ordered a special roll to try it out, it was okay not impressive or anything. I ordered a spicy pork rice bowl, it was pretty good or could it be that I missed rice?Jason ordered a beef teriyaki beef, his was better. And the Korean seafood pancake, it was delicious!
Tartarun Restaurant
Tartarun Restaurant
In a fishing village, we must try out its fresh seafood right? We ordered the fisherman’s pot, yummy. Fish soup, although not as good as Tapa Bento’s but pretty good and most importantly, no fishy taste! Seafood spaghetti, it was decent, I wish it has more shrimp taste!

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