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Mars and the Milky Way over Texas

Tivydale, TX, United States
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I like to go stargazing in Texas. The southern half of Texas is far enough south that you can see some of the Southern Hemisphere stars for a few moments. This post does not feature any Southern Hemisphere stars, but it does feature Mars and the Milky Way.

Mars is the bright object on the left (proper right) side of the image. The Milky Way cuts through the center of the image. This particular part of the Milky Way is very bright and makes for a good night photography subject. I like to say that the Milky Way runs from the Northern Cross to the Southern Cross. This statement is, of course, based simply on our perspective from Earth. Thus, it is perhaps not scientifically sound, but it generally explains the path of the Milky Way across our sky. Along this route, the Milky Way passes through the bright constellation Scorpius the Scorpion. If you look for the constellation Scorpius, then you will find this particularly bright section of the Milky Way. You will not see it at this time of year however because it crosses the sky during the daylight hours now. A new moon on an evening in August is generally the best month to attempt this shot. You can also try for the new moon in May before dawn.
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