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Marrakesh, wow

Marrakesh, Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco
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My fiance and I recently spent a weekend in Marrakesh and it was nothing like I imagined. We didn't even research before we bought plane tickets, we just saw there were super cheap flights on a weekend that worked and went for it. We really just wanted some place warm because it was February and we were tired of boring weather. Well everyone we told seemed to keep saying the same thing... "cover up". Well that definitely got us nervous. Luckily we found a resort to stay in rather than staying in the city so we felt more comfortable. But on Saturday we ended up going into the city center to walk around the market and see the area. We felt completely safe! We did dress a bit conservative but no other tourist seemed to put any effort in at all and turns out no one cared. I don't know if it was because of our location but we had a great time and would definitely go elsewhere in Morocco without hesitation or feeling nervous.
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Culture and experiences

We found some cool parks and monuments on our walk through the downtown area.
The market area was huge, filled with tourists and locals.

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