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Markley Cove on Lake Berryessa

Berryessa Highlands, CA, United States
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Lake Berryessa, mostly located in Napa County, California, provides all types of water activities. Since the Monticello Dam was completed in 1957 Lake Berryessa was formed and the need for boat launching was created. Markley Cove filled the need. In 1959 when Markley Cove Lake Berryessa was not completely full it would take another three years to reach capacity. Markley Cove was once just a small store and a boat ramp. Today there are cabin rentals, houseboat rentals, boat and jet ski rentals. The shores of Markley Cove were once inhabited by small travel trailers that people placed there on leased property and most if not all had private boat docks. One of my high school friend’s family had a trailer at the lake. We used to go to the lake often and swim and ski. I have to admit, towards the end of our senior year we would skip school and head to the lake, I know we were bad boys. People come from all over Northern California and beyond to spend time on Lake Berryessa. When the lake is at full water capacity the water activities are endless. Oh yes, some warnings are needed. We have come across deer swimming in the lake so if you are out in a boat keep your eyes open and if you are swimming bear the shore and spending time on shore keep your eyes and ears alert for rattlesnakes. Yes, the rattlesnakes do swim in the lake sometimes also.
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Markley Cove Resort
Markley Cove Resort
Markley Cove provides all types of water activities for everyone. The water warms up nicely during the summer.

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