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Mozambique, Mozambique
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Mozambique is not a well known safari destination, with neighbouring countries dominating the Southern African safari industry. It, however, offers much of the same, just without the crowds. No queues. No traffic jams. Just your vehicle alone in the deep green Mozambican landscape.Mozambique’s wildlife stocks suffered during the civil war, but have since recovered remarkably. Your visit to a Mozambican nature reserve could help boost these numbers even further.Gorongosa National Park is situated in central Mozambique. It is nicknamed the “Serengeti of the South” because of its vast savannas and thriving lion population. It is your typical game lodge, with guided tours introducing one to all the predators and grazers you wish to meet.The Maputo Elephant Reserve (Reserva Especial de Maputo) is another option. It is situated on the coast, just South of the Bay of Maputo. It is therefore a destination for safari and beach lovers. Besides being on the coast, what makes this reserve special is that you are able to explore on your own rather than through a guided tour. Unfortunately, the reserve does not have any lion.One benefit of the lack of lion is the Milibangalala campsite. This campsite is located in the reserve, right on the beach. We stayed here during our expedition and we were blown away. Nowhere had anyone experienced a campsite so untouched. Think camping in the middle of the Kruger National Park, but replace the lions with the ocean.One cannot book a campsite, and must simply pay at the reserve’s entrance. This is an unknown destination so there will be space. You will however need a 4x4 as four hours worth of sand track sits between the reserve entrance and the campsite.Furthermore, for those who do not enjoy camping, the reserve does offer more sophisticated accommodation options.
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