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Manchester UK Aspire Lounge

Manchester, England, United Kingdom
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At the Aspire lounge in the Manchester Airport there are separate areas for eating, sitting, and working, and quite a bit of the space is dedicated to the quiet areas. The food was actually ok, 3 bean vegetarian chili and all but 2 items also halal. There is a 3 drink max at the bar, and the bar charges for prosecco or champagne. Everyone was nice besdies a guy who saw fit to cut in front of me when i was plugging my phone in. I have to say that this lounge felt kind of dumpy with stained seats, not a lot of attention to clearing tables, and just a kind of weak layout.
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Aspire Lounge Terminal 2
Aspire Lounge Terminal 2
A low-ish end priority pass eligible lounge in manchester airport

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