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Making clogs the old fashioned way (kind of)

Amstelveen, NH, Netherlands
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Clogs are to the Netherlands as deep dish is to Chicago. There are a lot of places to see and buy clogs in the Netherlands and we just happened to visit one of these. They had a great demonstration during which the owner showed us how his family had been making clogs for generations. He actually had a machine that had one clog in it and the machine used this as a template to create another clog. It was then sanded down, designs were added and it was painted. You could easily change out the template clog for another of a different size. It was really neat to see how it was done and we were given the opportunity to buy some hand made clogs before we left. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget!
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Clara Maria Kaasboerderij- & Clog
Clara Maria Kaasboerderij- & Clog
A great place to learn how to make clogs in a small town.
A small town in the Netherlands, about 30 minutes from Amsterdam. Home to lots of cows and a great cheese farm and clog factory.

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