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Making Memories in Miami

Miami Beach, FL, United States
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As an avid traveler, the moment I saw a good deal pop up I knew who to call and we would be on a plane to a new destination within hours. My best friend and I decided to book a spontaneous trip to Miami.

Miami was a beautiful destination to spend one of our college summers. Our mornings were spent on the beach followed by a lunch at one of the many cute outdoor restaurants on Ocean Drive. Our nightlife was illustrated by our motto "Uber everywhere" as we knew we wouldn't be able to walk two blocks in our heels and made any excuse to call an Uber. It was sure a fun trip.
Story Details

Bars and nightlife

Great night club as far as venue and location, however high prices, long lines


AC Hotel by Marriott Miami Beach
Beautiful modern hotel, clean and organized, rooftop pool and cabanas


Nespresso Miami Boutique & Cafe
Amazing coffee, large assortment, better than Starbucks, no rush atmosphere, great environment
Moshi Moshi
Fun sushi restaurant, great variety of sushi and foods, reasonable prices, authentic vibes

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