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Versailles, Île-de-France, France
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Favor the days of great waters so the weekend, at least once, the period goes from spring to autumn and the beginnings and end of season are quieter. An enchantment. Do not neglect to visit the two small castles. We wanted to see the castle again. Bad luck, it's closed on Monday. So we went for a walk in this Garden. French-style. With these fountains so imaginative. Other works that deserve to be even more highlighted as they are beautiful. This park is really nice despite the cold. And to say that one day, the Sun King and Marie Antoinette walked this place. In these gardens nothing leaves room for chance.
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Points of interest

Rue de Marly
the construction of the Marly machine began the following year
La Colonnade
Jules Hardouin-Mansart's Colonnade was built on the former site of André Le Nôtre's Bosque des Sources
Parterre d'Eau
Forming a transitional element on the east-west axis between the castle and the gardens below
Basin of Leto
Above the fountain of Latona was the terrace of the castle
to the north the basin from Neptune and to the South the Orangery and which includes the French gardens close to the castle.
Apollo Fountain
to the west the basin of the chariot of Apollo
Avenue de Trianon
Domaine de Versailles (woods, fields, gardens of the castles of Trianon
Versailles Grand Parc
Today, the difference between Grand Parc is known as the
Parc du Château de Versailles
Parc de Versailles and includes all green spaces belonging to
Jardins du Château de Versailles
or in the plural the gardens of Versailles , or the gardens of the castle of Versailles
Palace of Versailles
The garden of Versailles , also called garden of the Palace of Versailles
The Orangery
built the Orangery and gave more simplicity to the layout of the Park
Château de Versailles
The works are undertaken at the same time as those of the palace and last about forty years.
Grand Canal
André Le Nôtre was pleased to develop and extend it by widening the royal alley and digging the Grand Canal.
La galerie des glaces
From the central window of the Hall of Mirrors unfolds

Special activities

Louis XIV entrusted André Le Nôtre with the creation and development of the gardens of Versailles which

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