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Madrid's Massive Buen Retiro Park

Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
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Madrid's Buen Retiro Park (aka Park of the Pleasant Retreat) is a massive park located near the center of the city. Luckily after visiting the nearby Plaza Mayor, the clouds opened up and the rain stopped just in time to take a lovely stroll through this huge park which is located nearby to the worldly known Prado Museum. The park's main attraction is the large monument and fountain dedicated to Alfonso XII which dominates the scene at the large lagoon. I sat on the steps of the monument overlooking the lagoon just take in the beauty of my surroundings. Tons of other monuments, flower beds, and fountains dot the park as well. There is also a greenhouse on site as well as an temporary modern art exhibition center. The Crystal Palace is another one of the park's main features and was holding a temporary modern art exhibition as well. It was a great way to kill a few hours before hitting up the nearby Prado Museum for it's late afternoon "free admission" hours.
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Bars and nightlife

Bar Mirador La Rosaleda
Sit down and sip on a drink while taking in the lovely surroundings in this mid-park cafe.

Culture and experiences

Palacio de Velázquez
This palace houses an arts and craft exhibition hall and admission was free to the public (at the time I was there).
Museo Nacional del Prado
One of the world's great art museums. Houses numerous paintings from famous artists such as Goya and El Greco.


Teatro de Títeres del Parque de El Retiro
Teatro de Títeres del Parque de El Retiro is another one of the park's theaters. Nothing was going on at the time however.
Teatro Casa de Vacas
A performing arts venue on the northern side of the park. Nothing was taking place at the time I was there however.

Points of interest

Cascada Parque El Retiro
A small waterfall within the confines of Buen Retiro Park.
Real Jardín Botánico
A botanic garden on the southern flank of the Prado Museum. For whatever reason at the time, it was closed.
Puerta de Alcala
Impressive archway entrance on the northwestern corner of the park.
La rosaleda del retiro
The park contains a rose garden as well. However since it was only early May, no roses were really in bloom yet.
Biblioteca Pública Municipal Eugenio Trías
A public library house on the eastern side of the park's grounds.
Estatua del Ángel Caído
One of several statues that dominate the Buen Retiro Park.
Monumento a Martínez Campos
Monumento a Martínez Campos is one of several monuments in the park.
San Jerónimo el Real
White facaded church sandwiched between the Prado Museum and the park. Impossible to miss the beautiful detail of this church!
Fuente de los Galápagos
The Galapagos fountain on the northwest corner of the large lagoon. Just one of many such fountains throughout the park.
Plaza Parterre
This portion of the park has some oddly trimmed bushes and trees that look like "stone" trees.
Palacio de Cristal
This glass palace is modeled after the one in London and was housing a temporary art exhibit at the time.
District where Madrid's Buen Retiro Park is located in. It's near the center of town and impossible to miss.
Estanque grande del Retiro
This lagoon is dominated by the site of Alfonso XII's monument on the eastern side of the lagoon.
Goya's Statue
A statue of Goya himself on the northern entrance to the Prado Museum.

Special activities

El Retiro Park
Massive park that is great to spend a few hours strolling in. Dotted with tons of statues, fountains and unusual trees and plants.

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