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Médina of Assilah for shopping

Asilah, Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceima, Morocco
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There are some notable things about the Assilah of median. First of all if you are looking to get some souvenirs this is a good place to do it. Vendors speak French, Spanish, and Arabic so you ha a better chance of communicating effectively. Also there are no shops where all the products look like they are made in China. I recommend beginning to your right, walking all the way inside the wall, facing the sea, to the back corner and then walking back towards the center of the Médina. If you do that you will come upon Otman as your first shop, owned by a lady who makes her own clothes and also has a few item a from Spain and Italy. She is so nice and so helpful and provides no pressure, just assistance. Everything in the Médina is cash only so you should go to the bank before coming. There is an ATM maybe two blocks to the left of the Médina entrance. There are leather goods, nice scare as, and decorative jelabas. I did not see many food vendors but there are some right outside.
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