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Luxury Tallinn Taxi

Viimsi, Harju County, Estonia
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While we were wandering around the cobblestone streets of Old Town Tallinn, Estonia we continually came across Tallinn Taxis. Every single Tallinn Taxi we saw in Old Town was a black Mercedes. Talk about fancy cabs. I’m guessing that the Mercedes is commonly used for taxis in European countries like the Ford Crown Victoria or Dodge Diplomat (years ago) were used for cabs and today the Prius seems to be taking over the cab scene here in the U.S. I did not take a close look but the Tallinn Taxi sign on the front doors and the yellow taxi sign on top looked as if they were attached magnetically. We did not have any use for the taxi service during this visit, maybe next time.
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by Liketraveling


Taxis are quite expensive, they charge already € 5.5 (about $ 6.3) when they start the car. The way to go is take a “Bolt”. Functions like Uber, download the App, type in your credit card number and you are good to go. When you want to use the service, you type in your destination and you will usually get several options including the price, ranging from standard to premium. Click on what you want and a window will pop up with the driver and car information. No need to tip. You will receive an email with a detailed receipt once the ride is over. We used it several times and found it very convenient.

by gefe57


Thanks Liketraveling, I've never heard of that app.