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Lunch and a Windmill

Volendam, NH, Netherlands
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When I decided to go to Amsterdam, I knew all that "Amsterdam" had to offer. But I knew there was much more to Netherlands than just Amsterdam. So I made a few quick ventures out of the city to see some of the countryside. I found a place called Volendam where I decided to take in the town and have a relaxing lunch. After spending a few busy crazy evenings in Amsterdam, it was refreshing to go out by the coast to have a nice meal and, yes...people watch.

Windmills are not nearly as common anymore in Holland as they used to be. You have to actually go out and look for one and know where you are going in order to find one. That being said, it was fun to ride a bike through town and to go see this Windmill near Volendam. Very cool to see another gem that makes Holland so unique.
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