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Lucha Libre

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
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We went to a Lucha Libre match in Mexico City and had a very entertaining few hours. It was a great way to experience an evening out with the locals. The area around the arena could be slightly sketchy, I recommend taking a taxi or an Uber there if you don't speak the language or know the city too well. I don't speak any Spanish and didn't really have troubles picking up my tickets and entering the arena. There is a souvenir stand with some great souvenirs, however after the match there are also plenty of vendors on the street.
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Mexico City Arena
Take an Uber of a cab! You do not want to be walking around this area after dark.

Culture and experiences

Mexico City Arena
Our match started at 5PM but don't rush. You can show up whenever you want. It lasts about 2 hours and the main match is the longest, so just try to get there for at least the last 45 minutes.


Mexico City Arena
There's really cheap food and beer inside the arena. There's also street vendors outside, but the food didn't seem very sanitary.


Mexico City Arena
We bought souvenirs inside the arena because we didn't speak Spanish and didn't want to bargain. You could find the exact same stuff from street vendors after the match.

Special activities

Mexico City Arena
We bought our tickets in advance on TicketMaster. You must pick up your tickets at the arena. Bring an ID and credit card.

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