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Love for the Louvre

Paris, IDF, France
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The Louvre boasts one of the greatest collections of various types of art, architecture, and archaeology in the entire world. My guide told me that if you were to look at every piece or exhibit for one minute in the entire museum it would take you about 20 days to see everything. There is a plethora of Greek and Roman statues and remnants of temples that are astounding. There are various types of art in a number of styles, religious relics, and some absolutely stunning French crown Jewels that are a must see. There is a lot to be seen here and some snacks to be had along the way. Definitely a must do trip when youre in Paris.
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Louvre Museum
Louvre Museum
The Louvre is a Paris icon and a must see. Thousands of iconic pieces of art and history abound.

Points of interest

Le Comptoir du Marais
A delicious little court of quick food options for on the go


Le Café Marly
inside the Richelieu wing youll find this gem with classic and varied French dishes
Café Mollien
A cafeteria style restaurant within the galleries themselves - quick and easy .

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