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Looney Tunes characters

American Canyon, CA 94589, USA
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At Six Flags' Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, you'll have the opportunity to meet the Looney Tunes characters including Sylvester the Cat and Yosemite Sam as seen here in this photo. Discovery Kingdom is half aquarium and zoo and half theme park with thrilling rides. You'll see tigers, lions, sharks, and dolphins along with thrilling and family friends rides for all ages. Additional animal encounters for a fee include a dolphin encounter and trainer for a day. The problem at this park is the available of healthy food choices. You'll find the standard burgers, pizza, and hot dogs, but difficult to find any healthy options.
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Butterfly Habitat
A place where you'll find butterflies flying around with the possibility of them landing on your hand.
Odin's Temple of the Tiger
The tiger exhibit is small and includes white tigers and a show.
Tava's Jungleland
A fun area with rides for the little kids. Check height requirements.

Points of interest

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Special events occur during Halloween and Christmas time. Check the online calendar.
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Get here early to secure close parking. Going back and forth from the parking lot is not ideal.

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