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Looking for Fun Souvenirs?

Gilroy, CA 95020, USA
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Halls is a souvenir shop at Gilroy Gardens. Gilroy is better known for the Gilroy Garlic Festival as compared to Gilroy Gardens so there are a lot of garlic themed souvenirs all over the city. I decided to check out what Halls had to offer while the rest of the group was playing games and trying to win toys. Like the rest of Gilroy there were a lot of garlic themed souvenirs including stuffed garlic dolls, garlic jewelry, garlic toys, and so on. They had a small selection of clothing and as you can probably guess, you will be paying way more than any of the souvenirs are worth. I had mentioned the Garlic Festival at the beginning of the story. This year, on July 28, 2019, was the year that a gunman cut through a fence and snuck onto the festival grounds, killed three people, wounded 17 others before he took hi own life. We were originally going to visit the Gilroy Gardens the following weekend but decided to wait a while.
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Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park
Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park
Halls is located inside Gilroy Gardens Theme Park and has a decent selection of Gilroy themed souvenirs

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