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Looking at Looscaunagh Lough

Eirc, County Kerry, Ireland
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Do you know what a "Lough" is? Don't feel bad. I didn't know what Looscaunagh Lough was either until I found the answer from a website! But if you look closely at the photo, I bet you can figure it out. Lough is the Irish name for "Lake". While driving around the Ring of Kerry outside of a small town called Eirc, this was one of the last lakes or Lough's we saw while driving around for 6 hours on the loop. I wish it wasn't raining and foggy outside that day. But still I was able to find a spot on the road to go walk around and snap some photos. The southern part of Ireland has some of the most amazing views you will ever see in your life! You should go stop by and add this lake and the Ring of Kerry to your travel itinerary!
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Points of interest

Muckross Road
The main road to access the National Forest heading south.
Another point of interest on the Ring of Kerry. Beautiful views with gorgeous scenery. Great place to get out the camera and take some great photos. This area is not only beautiful but it will take your breath away! Gorgeous!
At this point of interest you need to stop, turn and get on highway M71 heading north around the Ring of Kerry. If you miss it, you'll head up by the town of Cork. Way off course. Another great place to take some pictures. Its located on the top section of the National Forest. Stop by and visit. It's really pretty here.
Gap of Dunloe
I would not skip this place. Its located on the northern most point of the Ring of Kerry and close to Killarney town. This is a great place to take pictures of the Gaps located in the National Forest. We got out of the car for a little while and ran around while finding rocks to throw over the edge. It's a fun place and a great place to hang out with your family.
Another great location on the northern point of the National Park. This is the closest town to Killarney on the Ring of Kerry. The roads are really windy on this road. While driving through the forest we saw the Public of Transportation workers out cutting trees. I ran over a few branches, swerved to miss others and obeyed the flag man who was directing traffic. If you travel down this road, watch out for falling branches especially after bad storms. The roads are very narrow and cars were flying past me. I didn't want to pass anyone on this road and I recommend you don't either. You can't see 50 feet in front of you because it's so windy. Safe travels!
Mahony's Point
Another point of interest located at the top section of the National forest. You can hike the trails but there is nowhere to swim. Here I passed the pull off point, missed the ditch by inches, stopped myself from hitting a sheep crossing the road, and finally turned around and went running around the trails. You could spend an hour or more at this point. Its a neat place to visit!

Special activities

Amazing views of the western side of the National Park. Located in the southern section of the island. This point overlooks the water and the beaches go on for miles. Another place that you can swim in.
Blackwater Bridge
Located on the Ring of Kerry. Great views of the water, but it has cliffs. I wouldn't swim here. Some of the most beautiful pictures I took were taken from here. Amazing views of the National Park.
Ross Castle
Located at the top of the Ring of Kerry and close to Killarney town. You can take a boat out on the water, but I don't think you can swim here. This is also located at the top section of the National Forest.
Lough Leane
The lake located in the National Forest at the top section of the Ring of Kerry. This is the lake that Ross Castle is located on. You can take a boat on this lake, but I don't think I'd swim here.
Molls Gap
Another great location around the Ring of Kerry. Molls Gap has several hiking trails that lead you through the middle of the National Park. Great place to stop and get some quick exercise. Great place for families.
Looscaunagh Lough
Looscaunagh Lough
Located on the northern section of the Ring of Kerry, this was one of the last lakes we saw on our 6 hour road trip. You can find a spot on the side of the road, pull over and walk around. Great place to take some pictures.

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