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Looking Down Park Avenue

Moab, UT, United States
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Located just outside the town of Moab, Arches National Park is one of the easiest accessed National Parks I've been to. After paying up my $20 entry fee and making a pit stop at the visitor's center, I was quickly on the Arches Scenic Drive that runs right through the center of all the main geological sites in the park. The first stop is called "Park Avenue", and it's an appropriate name as it does appear similar to looking down a big city street surrounded by skyscrapers. Formed from sandstone that was deposited here over 150 million years ago, the mile thick rock layers slowly eroded leaving the magnificent formations seen here. I would have loved to spend some time walking the trails here, but pets aren't allowed on them. Something to consider if you're thinking about bringing along old 'Fido", as you're limited to seeing everything from the road, but with views like this, it's hard to complain.
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