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Long lost photos from Marina di Villasimius

Crabonaxa, Sardinia, Italy
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This place is just shockingly beautiful. Everywhere you go you are just convinced you've just seen the most beautiful thing you'll see on the trip, only to find that you turn the corner, or just turn your head, and the next things is just as shockingly beautiful. The Capo Carbonara protected marine area is very well preserved and if you go there be sure that you follow all the rules to be a part of preserving its beauty and natural importance. There are a number of beautiful diving points and areas for scuba diving and snorkeling, and do bring an underwater camera so you can record it all. It will be hard to explain the beauty of it all if you don't!
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Villaggio Camping Spiaggia del Riso Villasimius Sardegna
This is technically a campsite but it's quite a step up from any rugged camping you've done, and offers sites for tents, RVs and bungalows

Special activities

Cape Carbonara
beautiful protected area with stunning views and lots of sea life

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