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Long Beach

Long Beach, NY, United States
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Long Beach is an area just east of the Rockaway section of Queens in Long Island. It is really easy to get to and is even a hub stop on the Long Island Rail Road, so you can get there relatively inexpensively on an express train. Long Beach is interesting because it is more diverse than a lot of other places on Long Island and more so than a lot of other beach towns. There are wealthy, middle class, and poorer areas and it's pretty densely populated. The boardwalk is a popular place to ride a cruiser bike or take a stroll, and there is a $12 fee for residents and a $15 fee for nonresidents. There are also some great restaurants, including an old classic called Sorrentos, which has fantastic cheese, charcuterie, and of course, pizza. 10/10 would recommend!
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Long Beach
The LIRR hub is really easy to get to and then you can walk or take an Uber to the beach


Sorrento's Italian Specialties
Sorrento's Italian Specialties
A great place for legit italian fare just steps away from the boardwalk. Super friendly staff.

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by gabrielvh7


You should have put the Sorrento's photo first because that's the best part of Long Beach!