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The appetizers here were pretty good. Nachos and mac&chee...

Long Beach, CA, United States
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We had been planning to go to hang out with our friends in Long Beach for awhile, and Long Beach Pride was the exact reason we needed. However when we got there it was late and parking was HORRENDOUS! And come to find out the 2 bedroom house was housing three couples! So after about 30 minutes of driving around to try and find parking we decided to go to the local Westin because for some reason it was the only hotel that had a vacancy. Turns out to be the BEST idea we the whole trip, and in the end our miles were redeemed to pay for it :-)
We met some amazing new friends, that we plan on visiting when we move to the east coast. Got some fun trinkets, I only had to hug one guy to get the "Get Naked" shirt that is obviously advertising salsa lol. Watched the parade and ran amock through the fairgrounds, where they had a "Leather Expo" and having to sign a waiver made me think twice about going in. The MOST GENERIC waiver EVER, and the attendants couldn't answer "So what exactly am I waiving? This basically covers anything that happens." That probably is my most memorable moment I had the entire trip!
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