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London Heathrow and Our First Time on An Airbus 380

London, England, United Kingdom
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We actually were only at Heathrow airport for a layover of around 3 hours on our way to Chicago, so I do hope to actually spend time in London someday soon!We ate at the Giraffe World Kitchen and were pleasantly surprised at both the price and quality considering that airport food is never anyone’s first choice! It was nice that they had a board within view to get updates on gate assignments/delays/etc.One thing I will definitely keep in mind next time I’m at Heathrow is how long it takes to get to your gate. As soon as the gate assignment came up on the board, we asked for our check and headed out within 5 mins of it being posted, and I’m glad we did, because it took probably 20-25mins or more to get to our gate even with the little tram service.We were also excited to fly on an A380 for the first time. We got seats on the upper deck, where they layout is 2-4-2 instead of 3-4-3. So it was nice to just have my husband and I in our row. Also, since the overhead bins aren’t as big as normal up top, and there is an entertainment box that limits under seat storage on the window seat, there are special storage bins below the window which was great and made it nice to free up legroom and seatback space. It was our longest flight we have ever done at 8.5 hours but the service was fantastic (British Airways) and it was actually quite comfortable. Can’t wait to fly on an A380 again!
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Heathrow Terminal 5
Heathrow Terminal 5
Definitely a huge airport. Be sure to plan to be at your gate early in case it takes more time to get there than you expect


We got burgers and they were actually really good and reasonably prices compared to other airport food

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