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Local transportation - not the best idea!

Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic
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Many years ago we went to the Dominican Republic for a vacation. We decided not to book ahead and strictly use local transportation on the island. Well, maybe it was not the best idea. We were taken advantage of a couple of times but the time when we headed towards Las Terrenas it was just too much to bear. We took a local bus from Puerto Plata. It was a mini van, a collective, so they put as many people as possible into the van before they take off. We discussed in advance where we wanted to go and were assured that the van would make a stop shortly before our final destination of the day. We had to wait nearly 45 minutes in the heat (of course we had the last row in the van, sun shining into our back and loudspeakers right behind us). When we finally took off, the driver turned on the music. It was so loud that it was impossible to speak to each other, even shouting did not help. The van dropped us off midway to our final destination, right in the middle of nowhere. A motor cyclist convinced us to drive us to our hotel. Imagine, the driver, the two of us and two backpacks. Of course he barely made it over the hills and I constantly had to walk because I was sliding of the seat. Yep, those were the times. But the beach was awesome!
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Las Terrenas
An area with great beaches. Just don't take a mini van to get there.

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