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Ljublianca cruise

Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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I made it just in time for the last cruise along Ljubljana river, Ljublianca, at 7pm. There ended up to be only 4 passengers on the boat including me, so I was able to get one of the front-most seats despite being the last person on-board. Starting from the Gratia Plena area below the Ribji Trg square, I enjoyed the view of the old town, interesting architecture and bridges before heading to a nearby park and housing area on the slow, motor-powered boat. While we were around the park, the captain pointed us to nutrias (aquatic rodents that are native to Slovenia). After the crusie ended at 8pm, I found a nice restaurant to eat dinner. At 9pm, I met up with the Contiki tour guide to head back to the hotel.
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Gostilna Pri kolovratu
Gostilna Pri kolovratu
Delicious steak meal on the main square at a reasonable price (Cost me EUR 15.50)

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The 1 hour cruise cost 10 Euro (cash only). Not a must do activity unless you enjoy cruises (which I do).

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