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Living the Quechua Way

Cusco, Cusco, Peru
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"An ancient portal to another dimension." This was the first time I had heard such a thing and did not anticipate my trip to Peru entailing portals and ancient civilizations. However, when we arrived to this ancient spiritual ground, it was clear the magnitude of this scared space. As we strolled through the aired mountains it was easy to see it was littered with clay pottery, semiprecious gemstones and a throne fit for royalty. We then climbed to the top of a red mountain peak to gaze past Lake Titicaca, into the snowcapped Bolivian mountains. It immediately brought me closer to our ancestors and into another time.
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Hotel Qalasaya
Hotel Qalasaya
Incredibly comfortable rooms with amazing views of the city and Lake Titicaca. Staying in Puno helped me feel what Peru is all about. This hotel was very reasonable yet fancy and came with daily cleaning service that went above and beyond.


Colores restuarant had delicious and eclectic food from around the world. Plus some great local Peruvian fair.

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