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Mount Hood, OR, United States
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We are a couple from Orlando Florida and we bought a hippie van and converted it into a camper. Late September 2015 we left Florida and set off to do some traveling. Having our camper van saves us a lot of money.

Part of our bucketlist was to be able to work and live in a snow community at a ski resort. So we applied for some jobs and landed gigs near Mt. Hood Oregon. We also got a temporary Ski housing that like a studio apartment.

We now we find ourselves almost to the end of the season! Time has flown by! During our time here we have been able to experience a lot!We've made new friends, explored new cities like Portland several times & took a trip to Seattle, visited the Oregon coast, went to incredible hot springs, explored new hikes around Mt. Hood, taken weekends to go ski at different ski resorts around Oregon, & learned to ski & snowboard, or in Devon's case freshen up his skills!So here are some pictures from the beginning of our life here in Mt. Hood Oregon. <3
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