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Little White House

Warm Springs, GA, United States
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One of my favorite sites in the southeast, FDR's Little White House is a must see, really. For a history buff like me, it was moving and impressive to be in the same house and grounds where such a great leader walked. The new museum is very informative and a good presentation of the history of the 1930's and '40's. There is a short film about FDR first and then you can wander around the museum in less than an hour. By then you will be ready to walk down to FDR's "summer" home built while he was still governor of NY. Shortly after building the house, FDR was elected President, and used this place as his respite. FDR was a victim of polio and was drawn to this place for the healing warm springs. He built three huge pools filled with warm water from the springs for anyone who suffered with polio. No one, rich or poor, was denied the opportunity to swim in the "healing waters". Those pools have been refurbished and are also open to the public, and are amazing. You can actually walk down into the now empty pools and touch the warm healing water from the springs. For such a wealthy man, Roosevelt's summer home was so simple, just 6 small rooms.The Little White House is kept exactly as it was the day he had a massive stroke and died there in his bed. Callaway Gardens nearby is another great reason to visit this area, but the Little White House shouldn't be missed!
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Little White House Road
Little White House Road
Great piece of history from the 40's when FDR stayed here.

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Callaway Gardens
Beautiful botanical park near the Little White House has tons of activities and beautiful drives and views.

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