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Little India in Dubai --- A Walking Food Tour!

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Dubai has a large Indian population and it is no surprise that Indian cuisine is readily available in this bustling city! I am no expert in Indian cuisine and I was definitely open to trying more, so I booked a tour with Frying Pan Adventures!

If you're an Andrew Zimmern fan, you'd probably seen this company featured on his show on his Dubai episode!

I was so glad I was able to secure a spot for the "Little India On A Plate" tour with the best food guide ever, Farida!

This walking food tour was approximately 5 hours long! She begins the trail at Dubai's Little India District where there are plenty of restaurants ready to serve their specialties!

This tour was specifically for South Indian Cuisine! The dishes that stood out to me were: chicken tikka, masala dosa, bhel puri, and pani puri! I also loved the refreshing sugar cane drinks towards the end of the tour!

Please check out the list of restaurants below!


Two of the restaurants were not listed on the location which are:

- Abu Sahar Bakery - We stopped by here for some yummy roti bread! I believe it only cost 1 Dirham!!!

- Farisian Cafteria - They served some fried samosas, potato bhondas, and other fried specialties!
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Culture and experiences

Dubai offers a diverse cuisine for all visitors. Check out Frying Pan Adventures for the chance to try some of the cuisine this city has to offer! Or you can go on a foodie adventure on your own, you will find good choices everywhere!

Points of interest

Bur Dubai
The Little India of Dubai is so lively and colorful specially at night! It was pure delight to try some South Indian cuisine here!


Sind Punjab Restaurant Indian
This was our final stop for some sugar cane drinks and some really delicious and spicy chicken tikka masala and butter naan! so YUMMY!!!
Sri Krishna Sweets
Dessert stop for some: chudwaa and mysore pak.
Sangeetha Restaurant
We had: Regular Mini Tiffin consisting of Masala Dosa (fermented rice and black gram lentil crepe stuffed with mashed, curried potatoes), mini idlis in sambar (steamed discs of fermented rice & split black lentils paste), medu vada (black gram savory doughnut), rava upma (semolina & split black lentils mash), pongal (rice & green gram lentils mash) served with sambar (the lentil stew with gourd), plain coconut chutney, coriander chutney and a red pumpkin chutney. For dessert, we had kesari (semolina-sugar-ghee halwa) and a steaming hot cup of Madrasi filter coffee.
Rangoli Restaurant
This was our first stop and this place served some really good Bhel puri (One of my favorites of the night) & Pani puri.

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