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Lincoln Memorial

Arlington, VA, United States
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I would say Lincoln memorial was probably the most well known of all the presidential memorial, or at least it seem like it the time we went, it was the most busiest filled with people everywhere, on the steps, in front, around it or maybe it is just because of the location, it is in a central location with multiple other surrounding like the Washington memorial, World War II memorial and reflecting pool which is also a very popular attraction but too bad for us because it was under construction at the time. The status of President Lincoln was amazing, that thing is so much bigger in person then it looks in TV and paper.
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Culture and experiences

Lincoln Memorial Circle
memorial built to honor the 16th President of the United State
The White House
most famous building in the United State where the President resident is
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
absolutely love the location of this memorial, it's prefect and away from all the craziness
Smithsonian National Zoological Park
oldest zoo in the United States, it is part of the Smithsonian Institution
United States Botanic Garden
Botanic Garden of the United State and is the oldest operating garden
World War II Memorial
An memorial dedicated to the soldiers of World War 2
Washington Monument
landmark structure dedicated to our very first president of USA

Points of interest

Lincoln Memorial Circle Northwest
The detail of President Lincoln statue is so amazing and big
the whole area is jus simply amazing with so much things to see and do
Lincoln Memorial Circle Northwest
very popular and busy attraction with so many people surrounding it

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