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Upscale district of Lima, Peru. Where most hotels and tou...

Paracas, Ica, Peru
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After having spent a couple days exploring the sights of Lima, my tour had finally commenced. I joined my tour-mates and guide at the Santa Cruz Hotel across town after checking out of the 4 Points Sheraton in Miraflores. Tucan Travel was the provider of this expedition and it began with a "get to know you" meeting and dinner at a nearby restaurant. Our first full day together was primarily a travel day leaving Lima going to Paracas on the Pacific coast (Paracas is known for it's beaches and offshore wildlife). It would be the first time I got to witness the Peruvian countryside, and gosh was it barren. Sand, sand and more sand! Every now and then you saw some farmlands, costal villages (with beautiful homes) and oasis-like plains, but this part of Peru is definitely very dry. One thing that did jump out at me was all the political messages/ads painted on walls alongside the highway. Apparently an election was approaching soon and this would be commonplace all over Peru! The biggest thing to note though? The buses! Wow did we travel in luxury! A double-decker bus with fully recline-able chairs with lots of roomy space. We were even served a meal and snacks on board. We would do an overnight sleeper bus journey a few days later so this prepared us well for what to expect!
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